Understanding the interconnections in natural capital – Climate, Biodiversity, Water, Social.

Join us at 10am GMT or 4pm GMT to discuss how these areas interact with company value, risk management, strategy, and performance

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In 2021 CDSB produced application guidance on water disclosure, biodiversity, and is set to complete an update to its framework, incorporating explicit guidance to companies on social disclosures

While the scientific basis for the myriad interconnections between these different areas is clear, the way in which they interact with a company’s value chain over the long term has yet to be thoroughly explored due to as yet fledgling sustainability reporting practices globally. 

As we enter a New Year and further developments in the sustainability reporting space continue at pace, join CDSB’s technical experts in natural capital accounting for a discussion on how these areas interact with company value, risk management, strategy, and performance, as well as what reasonable expectations might be for how the interconnected nature of these areas may play out in the reporting space in the coming years. 

Speakers to be announced. 


The Biodiversity Application Guidance is part of a series of CDSB Framework application guidance, which aims to extend the TCFD recommendations and its core elements to nature. It is designed to support the intended users in applying the CDSB Framework to the natural capital elements of climate change, water, and biodiversity. Following the guidance on climate-related and water-related disclosures, the Biodiversity Application Guidance is the third CDSB Framework supplementary application guidance document that is designed to enhance the quality of disclosures for such significant matters.


The CDSB Framework application guidance for water-related disclosures (the Water Guidance) has been produced to assist companies in the disclosure of water-related financial information in the mainstream report. It is designed to supplement the CDSB Framework for reporting environmental and climate change information to investors. The Water Guidance offers companies a means of developing their reporting practices and ensuring that investors are receiving the material water-related information needed for effective capital allocation to drive the transition to a sustainable, resilient, and water secure economy. 


CDSB is setting out to expand the scope of its reporting framework and technical work to suitably accommodate financially material social issues. This will see CDSB provide the market with the framework for TCFD-style reporting across all financially material social and environmental issues and offer companies the means of reporting decision-useful information that meets ever-developing needs and expectations of users.