Japan and Korea companies trial CDSB’s Framework

Businesses in Japan and Korea are working on enhancing their investor relations with the help of CDSB’s Framework. CDSB has released two reports based on the Japanese and Korean experience and context of corporate non-financial reporting.

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Rethinking Financial Accounting for Carbon

With a plethora of standards hampering progress in carbon accounting, a 2 day workshop was held on January 14-15 to follow up on Dr Heather Lovell’s 2010 paper on the Multiple Frames of Carbon Accounting* and discuss how to move forward with carbon financial accounting. Can we rely on existing standards or is there a need to start from the ground up?

Using CDSB’s Framework just became even easier

A Guide to assist companies using our Framework is now available. Developed in Partnership with the ACCA, the Guide aims to help people tasked with integrating climate change information in financial reports. Read on to find look at how to make the most of communicating climate change in financial reports and ensure its relevance for the investment community.

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Upcoming changes in the UK Regulation Landscape

In April 2013, the UK Government will be introducing new additions to the Companies Act 2006 on reporting GHG emissions and information regarding environmental matters. For answers to questions and to find out how to make the most of the mandate, join our webinar on April 25.