Climate Change in Integrated Reporting

Report Released: Climate Change: Your journey to Integrated Reporting

March 1, Johannesburg Stock Exchange: CDSB, in partnership with Promethium Carbon, have released their new report ‘Climate Change: Your journey to Integrated Reporting’. The report aligns the principles of Integrated Reporting with the Climate Change Reporting Framework and is a helpful tool for those thinking about integrated corporate reporting.

Climate Change - Your Journey to Integrated Reporting

Promethium Carbon and the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) have developed this publication to provide CEOs, CFOs, reporting committees and internal auditors with a reference tool on integrated and climate change-related reporting.

Canary Wharf

UK proposed narrative reporting regulations response

CDP and CDSB support BIS’ objectives to provide clarity on narrative disclosure requirements and to streamline existing arrangements. However, we encourage BIS to define exactly meant by the words “business model” and “strategy”, as well as clarify whether the upcoming GHG reporting regulations qualify as compliance with the requirements outlined in this update.CDP and CDSB has reponded to the consultation on the draft update to narrative reporting requirements in the UK. Click here to download the full response.

New technology for climate change reporting now available to trial

London, UK – November 6th 2012: The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB), a special project of CDP’s, today release an XBRL climate change reporting taxonomy. This is designed to transform the way companies report their climate change information by making the process easier and more streamlined. It will also facilitate the future integration of climate change data into mainstream financial reports by enabling easy extraction of material climate information.

Video: Getting answers to UK requirements on mandatory GHG reporting

Are you a UK Quoted Company? If so, a proposed UK regulation requiring disclosure of GHG emissions may affect the content of your annual report. Hear leading accountants and non-financial disclosure professionals discuss the draft law and get an introduction to the new requirements.