XBRL project governance

CDSB and CDP are currently working with XBRL International, Fujitsu and other organizations to develop the climate change reporting taxonomy.

Together with CDSB’s Climate Change Reporting Framework, the CDP platform and questionnaire processes, we will provide a comprehensive toolkit for standardised climate change disclosure aimed at satisfying investors’ needs.

The project is lead and set under the umbrella of CDSB and the organizations that actively participate in it. CDSB is responsible for launching the initiative and to make the initial draft scope and governance. The initiative is supported by a Secretariat provided by CDSB.

The climate change reporting taxonomy has been developed through a formal system of due process and as broad consultation as possible. Its starting point are the CDSB Framework and the CDP questionnaire. However, our ambition is that it can become a taxonomy for any climate change reporting.

The CCRT Technical Working Group

For the development of the climate change reporting taxonomy, the XBRL Technical Working Group was put in place, composed of both subject matter experts and technology experts.

The CCRT Technical Working Group is currently composed of the following members:

  • Alan McGill, PwC, Subject Matter
  • Brad Monterio, XBRL Int., Observer
  • Christine Condit, Climate Registry, Subject matter and technology
  • Gordon Wilson, KPMG, Subject matter
  • Greg Soulsby, XBRL Int., Technology - Business Requirements
  • Jennifer Crouch, KPMG, Subject matter
  • Josef MacDonald, External consultant, Technology - Project management
  • Koizumi Makoto, Mercury and Earth, LLC, Technology - Data architect (Technical lead)
  • Michal Piechocki, IFRS Foundation, Technology - Data architect
  • Pedro Faria, CDP, Subject matter and technology (Leading author)
  • Liv Watson, XBRL Int., Observer
  • Paul Hulst, Deloitte, Technology - Data architect
  • Michael Zimonyi, CDSB, Secretariat to Working Group

CDP and CDSB would like to thank the members of the XBRL Technical Working Group and Fujitsu for their continued support and hard work in developing the Climate Change Reporting Taxonomy.

The technical team is continuing to evolve the XBRL Climate Change Reporting Taxonomy and working to release the first version in due course. This is an iterative process and we are looking at how we need to adapt our method for continuous maintenance and in order to incorporate feedback of early adopters.

If you are interested in participating or knowing more about the CCRT TWG please email xbrl@cdsb.net.