Testimonials about the Statement on fiduciary duty & climate change disclosure

"Acting now on climate change is a must for all actors in society. Transparently reporting on climate-related information and finding new ideas for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, makes clear business sense."

– Karl-Johan Persson, CEO, H&M

"Just as the science of climate change is reinforced by new studies, the materiality of climate change-related risks and opportunities is now widely accepted. The time has come for a new framework for disclosure to inform our investment decisions and meet our fiduciary duty."

– Bennett Freeman, SVP, Sustainability, Calvert Investments

"They say that you get what you measure. Today, some of the worldís best companies and most successful investors are saying that we must measure the contribution each is making to sustaining a planet which will support us, and take action on the basis of that data. If we all have the courage to do so, the benefit to every saver, every investor, worker, customer and citizen will be huge."

– David Pitt-Watson, Co-Chair of UNEP Finance Initiative, and Strategic Advisor, Inflection Point Capital

"At Hannon Armstrong, we have consciously embedded environmental sustainability into the foundation of our business strategy.  Evidenced in the publication of our Annual Sustainability Report Card, we are committed to tracking and disclosing the environmental impact of each of the clean energy projects in which we invest.  As such, we support CDSBís mission to promote a more holistic view of corporate performance and disclosure to include environmental considerations.   In a world increasing defined by carbon, we believe that superior risk-adjusted returns will be achieved by investing on the right side of the climate change line."

– Jeffrey Eckel, Chairman, President & CEO, Hannon Armstrong

"In Indra we have long term commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and we believe that a transparent approach to reporting environmental information in a consistent way is the best answer we can provide to our stakeholders. In this context the CDBS Framework is an important tool to help us report the steps taken to reduce our environmental impact."

– Beatriz Sanchez Guitian, Brand and CSR Director, Indra