Using CDSB’s Reporting Framework

Placing information about the material risks and opportunities from climate change in your annual report provides valuable information to investors as well as internally within your company.

Integrating non-financial information with financial reports often requires new processes of collecting, assessing and presenting this information.  We are very interested in working with individual companies to discuss and share their individual experiences both of using the Framework and integrating the reporting process.

CDSB’s Framework and its associated Guidance provide companies with an approach to placing climate change-related information in mainstream reports in a manner that is standardized and consistent for investors and other stakeholders and which can be used in their decision making processes.  It is a global framework and can help prepare companies for new regulations. The recent regulations introduced for United Kingdom quoted companies references CDSB’s Reporting Framework as one means of compliance with the law.

CDP’s disclosure system is the established mechanism for organisations worldwide to measure and disclose greenhouse gas emissions and climate change risk information.  This information is of great value to investor decision making and helps companies understand what is material to their specific businesses and take the appropriate strategic action.

Together CDP and CDSB provide a full disclosure toolkit for companies on carbon and climate change, both in reporting to financial markets and in preparing for and adhering to mandatory reporting around the world.

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