Enhanced Reporting Europe

Companies in Europe are invited to join the Enhanced Reporting Europe campaign to access free services which include ongoing consultation on climate and environmental reporting.

There is a growing demand from investors for reliable and decision-useful climate-related and environmental information necessery to price risks and opportunities effectively and help drive investments towards a low-carbon economy. In addition, globally, regulators are expected to introduce more stringent reporting requirements regarding climate and environmental disclosure. CDSB is offering companies joining the Enhanced Reporting Europe campaign free access to consultation services provided by our experts as well as regular updates on workshops and the latest resources.

Campaign members will benefit from bespoke disclosure feedback on climate and environmental disclosure including NFRD and TCFD alignment. Membership is free due to support provided under the LIFE Programme of the European Union. Members will in addition be able to display the official Enhanced Reporting Europe membership badge across various platforms.

What is the Enhanced Reporting Europe campaign?  

Enhanced Reporting Europe is a campaign run by CDSB to support businesses by offering free consultation on corporate environmental disclosures in their annual reports. 

What is the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB)?  

CDSB is an international consortium of business and environmental NGOs committed to advancing and aligning mainstream corporate reporting to equate natural capital with financial capital.  

What is on offer? 

  • Unlimited access to reporting experts; 
  • Guided workshops to provide peer learning opportunities; 
  • Resources updates to keep companies informed on available tools to support disclosure; 
  • Bespoke disclosure feedback from CDSB experts on NFRD and TCFD alignment; and 
  • Membership certification for display on your website. 

Why do I need to be a member?  

The need to provide reliable and decision-useful information is increasingly important as companies face pressure from regulators and investors. The Enhanced Reporting Europe Campaign helps companies be better prepared to meet these needs. 

How do I become a member, and...is it really free?  

Becoming a member is entirely free, as the campaign is fully funded by the EU LIFE Programme. 

To join the campaign or learn more, please contact CDSB's Corporate Engagement Manager, Nontokozo Khumalo at .

With the contribution of the LIFE Programme of the European Union.

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