Climate Disclosure Standards Board

CDSB is an international consortium of business and environmental organizations committed to the integration of climate change-related information into mainstream corporate reporting. CDSB advances its mission by acting as a forum for collaboration on how existing standards and practices can be supported and enhanced so as to link financial and climate change-related reporting and respond to regulatory developments. CDSB develops the Climate Change Reporting Framework and guidance based on existing standards, research, analysis and good practice working in close partnership with leading professionals in accountancy, business, standard setting and regulation.

CDSB offers a practical response to the demand for a global reporting model that ensures fair and transparent markets, encourages standardized climate change-related reporting and inspires confidence in reporting. CDSB does not aim to create a new standard but works as a collaborative forum to establish how to improve existing standards and practices to link financial and climate change-related reporting, and respond to regulatory developments.

CDSB’s ambition is to provide policy-makers and others with standard-ready material in the form of the Climate Change Reporting Framework and other resources designed to provide clear, reliable information for robust decision-making. Our work is designed to provide clarity, confidence and trust in information, and greater stability in financial markets.

Who Benefits from CDSB’s work? 

Investors will be able to make informed and robust decisions based on clarity, confidence and trust in climate change-related opportunities and risks disclosed by a company.

Analysts will be better equipped to utilize climate change-related information in determining impacts on future cash flow and ultimately company valuations. 

Companies can use the CDSB Framework to incorporate climate change-related information in mainstream corporate reports, assisting companies in achieving a holistic view of how climate change can affect their performance and the necessary actions they could take to address the risks and opportunities.

Governments can benefit from standards ready material and a framework that can be immediately adopted or referenced as a method of compliance in regulation/guidance, allowing businesses to contribute to national Greenhouse gas reduction targets. 

Stock exchanges can consider new voluntary and mandatory listing requirements linked to material climate change risks and opportunities.

Accounting firms will be able to provide more comprehensive assurance of companies reporting on climate change-related performance.