About CDSB

CDSB is a consortium of global business and environmental NGOs. CDSB is supported by a Technical Working Group consisting of business, accountancy bodies, the major accountancy firms, academia and others, as well as investors.

Working with existing financial and non-financial standards CDSB introduced the Climate Change Reporting Framework in 2010. The CDSB Framework is designed to help companies, disclose information about their climate change-related risks and opportunities, carbon footprints, carbon reduction strategies, and their implications for shareholder value in their mainstream financial reports.

The internationally accepted Reporting Framework advocated by CDSB helps companies deliver disclosures in a manner that is linked to information about a company’s financial performance and its mainstream financial reports, thus ensuring good communication with investors and other stakeholders.

CDSB is a consortium of eight business and environmental organizations:

CDSB Board members work together to develop and promote the CDSB Climate Change Reporting Framework to make it easier for companies to communicate and investors to understand climate change-related information in mainstream reports.

CDSB’s ambition is to provide policy-makers and others with standard-ready material in the form of our Climate Change Reporting Framework and other resources designed to provide clear, reliable information for robust decision-making.

Our work is designed to provide clarity, trust in information and greater stability in financial markets.