Using CDSB’s Framework just became even easier

A Guide to assist companies using our Framework is now available. Developed in Partnership with the ACCA, the Guide aims to help people tasked with integrating climate change information in financial reports. Read on to find look at how to make the most of communicating climate change in financial reports and ensure its relevance for the investment community.

The Guide: Communicating Climate Change in Mainstream Reports has been created as a tool to be used alongside CDSB’s Reporting Framework to help enhance the quality of climate change disclosures in mainstream reporting. It offers more detailed advice on integrating material climate change information with financial performance. 

The Guide features a four step process for. The first two steps identify the key activities to determine the content of a report that will meet investors’ needs. Steps three and four seek to ensure the information and data identified are made available to investors in ways that deliver maximum insight and value. These four steps are:

  1. Determination: Deciding on the contents to be included in your climate change disclosure.
  2. Preparation: Gather clear, consistent, complete information
  3. Presentation: Presenting the information so that it enhances its usability and relevance for stakeholders.
  4. Review: Ensuring careful internal review and sign-off of proposed disclosure contents. 

By using the four steps above, this guide will help reporters draw on existing data and analysis and hone it to meet the specific needs of their investors. CDSB hope that this development will increase the ease in which to use the Framework. The Guide is to be used complimentary with CDSB’s Framework, providing illustrative examples to assist companies with the utilization of the Framework.

CDSB hopes that the Guide is invaluable tool in assisting companies with disclosing non-financial information into mainstream corporate reports. The  Guide was made in partnership with the ACCA, Radley Yeldar and the Tellus Mater Foundation.