CDSB Framework launched

The expanded CDSB Framework is now available for companies to integrate environmental information and natural capital into mainstream corporate reports.

The Framework was launched on 8th June at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. In his keynote speech Anders Borg, former Swedish Finance Minister said:

“The work done by CDSB is extremely important. This is an area where corporate social responsibility and business logic, economic logic, and logic for society, is actually coming together.”

Watch the launch event:

The CDSB Framework sets out address the absence of an accounting standard for reporting environmental information in mainstream reports, such as the annual report or 10-K filing by taking the highest common denominators of the most widely used and tested corporate reporting frameworks, standards and regulation that are emerging around the world.

The Framework helps companies to provide clear, concise and comparable information to investors that connects the organisation's environmental performance with its overall strategy, and prospects, adding value to organisation's existing mainstream report in a way that minimises the reporting burden and simplifies the reporting process. It enables investor decision making on the allocation of financial capital to activity that supports environmental protection.

CDSB will now focus on developing the enabling conditions and supporting report preparers to increase the use of the CDSB Framework. To find out more, read Managing Director Jane Stevensen’s blog on CDSB’s plans for the future.