Webinar: Communicating value creation through natural capital to the mainstream

Join us to find out how to provide clear, concise and consistent natural capital information to your investors.

Accounting for the natural resources a company uses and affects offers a more complete picture of the organisation’s true health and value. However, bringing natural capital information into mainstream reporting and communicating it clearly to mainstream investors isn’t straightforward.

This webinar will introduce you to the CDSB Framework’s guiding principles and requirements to help you communicate the value you create from natural capital with the same level of rigour that's used for all the other information in your mainstream report.


  1. Why report natural capital in your mainstream report?
  2. Introduction to the CDSB Framework
  3. Examples of good practice


24th September – register here
10:00 New York/11:00 Rio De Janeiro/15:00 London/16:00 Paris