Accounting for climate: moving beyond the narrative

Climate reporting can no longer be simply a narrative report in the front end of financial statements. Climate change has irrefutable monetary impact and must be reflected as such in financial statements.


Investors are keen to see the climate risk narratives incorporated into the balance sheet. Leading regulators, the SEC, EU and G7, are incentivised to address these climate pressures and showing support through expanding mandatory disclosure laws.  

With the ISSB set to launch at COP26, in this webinar we will discuss upcoming regulation, and what pressures are set to push companies towards incorporating climate risks within the balance sheet. Our panel of experts include perspectives from investors, auditors and standard setters, and will cover climate regulation in Europe as well as the US.   

This event is hosted as part of the Climate Week New York City 2021 programme


  • Anne Simpson, Managing Investment Director, Board Governance and Sustainability, CalPERS 
  • Bridget Beals, Partner and Co-Head Climate Risk and Decarbonisation Strategy, KPMG UK
  • Barbara Davidson, Senior Analyst - Climate and Accountancy, Carbon Tracker Initiative
  • Nick Anderson, Board Member, International Accounting Standards Board


  • Sundip Jadeja, Technical Manager, CDSB 

Discussion topics: 

  • Practicalities and challenges of including climate risks in financial reports.
  • Investors’ perspective on climate risks in balance sheets.
  • Will regulation in the US and Europe mandate climate risk inclusion in financial reporting? 
  • How can CFOs and organisations be ready? 
  • The role of ISSB in supporting investors.
  • Q & A.