How Biodiversity impacts your business: a reporting guide for companies

Join the discussion on advancing corporate disclosure of biodiversity-related financial information as CDSB launches the Biodiversity Application Guidance

Date: 30 November 2021
Time: 9AM GMT (10AM CET/ 6PM JST / 8PM AEDT) and
Register online: 9AM GMT or 5PM GMT

Biodiversity loss is a critical issue, exacerbated by climate change and interconnected with other environmental matters, such as water. The unprecedented decline of nature and loss of species is inextricably linked to people and the economy.

For example, the documented decline in insect populations puts at risk USD 235 – 577 billion of crop production that is dependent on pollination and deforestation; while land degradation cost as much as USD 6.3 trillion a year through the impact on forest and agricultural productivity.

But, how can companies account for the risks, opportunities, impacts and dependencies linked to biodiversity?

Providing consistent, comparable, and decision-useful information to investors with the same rigour as financial information can ensure that investors are able to make capital allocations towards more sustainable and resilient businesses.

During this event we will launch CDSB’s highly anticipated application guidance to the CDSB Framework – the Biodiversity Application Guidance. The aim of the guidance is to support companies in disclosing material biodiversity-related financial information, extending the Recommendations of the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to nature.

The Biodiversity Guidance helps companies to get started and enhance their reporting. While the IFRS Foundation’s International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), announced on 3 November at COP26, works at pace to release the climate standard with the intention to cover all sustainability topics in the near future, this publication can be used to provide imperative guidance for companies for the benefit of investors and other stakeholders.

Workshops for companies

Following the launch of the guidance, CDSB will be hosting practical workshops on 4 December for companies "Disclosing beyond climate: focus on biodiversity and water-related information." Click here to express your interest.