UK Greenhouse Gas reporting - getting the most out of the mandate

To find out more about the UK regulations and how you can comply with them using CDSB’s Climate Change Reporting Framework, attend our webinar on the 25th April 2013 3pm.

The Climate Disclosure Standards Board invites you to attend the webinar:

UK Greenhouse Gas reporting:
Getting the most out of the regulation

When: 25th April 2013, 3:00-4:00 pm GMT

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Following our series of webinars introducing the regulation, our expert panel will talk about the latest developments of the regulation, and how to seize this opportunity to go beyond compliance.


Latest developments of the regulation - Andrea Smith (CDP)
Practical aspects of complying with the regulation - Jane Thostrup-Jagd (Maersk)
Going beyond compliance - communicating value using CDSB's Climate Change Reporting Framework - Patrick Crawford (CDSB)

Chair: Lois Guthrie (Executive Director, CDSB)

Ask our panel about how to take advantage of the proposed regulation to communicate company value to investors.

To ensure your question is covered, simply email Alternatively, send us your question via Twitter @CDSBglobal.

CDSB’s Cimate Change Reporting Framework is listed as a method for complying with the draft regulation – to download a copy and learn more about the Framework for mainstreaming climate change information, visit