Converging on Climate Risk: CDSB, the SASB, and the TCFD

A webinar on how companies can implement the TCFD requirements on climate disclosure, by combining the CDSB framework and the SASB accounting standards

In recent years, investors have developed an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the interconnection between economic and environmental systems. 

The Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) have, over time, each developed approaches for companies to identify, assess, and report their performance on climate-related issues. After the publication in June 2017 of the TCFD recommendations on climate disclosure, the two organizations published a joint paper -  "Converging on Climate Risk: CDSB, the SASB, and the TCFD", which explains how an integrated approach can well respond to the TCFD recommendations.

Join this webinar to understand how the SASB and CDSB are integrating the recommendations into their work and how companies can disclose climate-related financial information by using the CDSB Framework and the SASB standards. Attendees will have the chance to ask questions about the practical implementation of the TCFD as well as application of the CDSB Framework and the SASB standards.

You can read the joint paper here


  • Lois Guthrie, Founding Director, CDSB
  • David Post, Director of Research, The SASB
  • David Parham, Sector Analyst, The SASB

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