Companies can use the CDSB Framework to report climate change and environmental information in mainstream corporate reports. We want to help you get the most out of it.

CDSB’s corporate engagement programme is designed to support companies through the process of integrating climate change and environmental information into your mainstream corporate report, to ensure the preparation and disclosure of this information is efficient for the preparer and remains relevant, practical and decision-useful for users of your report. 

The programme aims to: 

  • Encourage testing and use of the CDSB Framework for reporting climate change and natural capital information; 
  • Identify and promote good practice disclosures through a targeted communications strategy; 
  • Provide feedback and guidance for companies' environmental reporting practices; 
  • Give companies the opportunity to discuss with CDSB technical experts the reporting challenges they face; and 
  • Integrate feedback from companies to further develop the CDSB Reporting Framework and prepare guidance material. 

How to take part 

CDSB is working with companies from a representative sample of industries, sectors and geographies that are committed to environmental disclosure and are willing to contribute to the development of environmental disclosure.
If your company is interested in taking part, please contact us at