Investors & analysts

Engaging with CDSB allows investors and analysts to make informed and robust decisions based on clarity, confidence and trust in the information disclosed by companies about environmental opportunities and risks.

CDSB’s investor engagement programme aims to work with users of environmental disclosures to understand the issues investors encounter during their information search and application processes. The focus of CDSB Investor Engagement Programme is on issues associated with investors’ needs and their use of corporate environmental information.

The investor engagement programme aims to produce the following outcomes:

  • Identification of integrity and other quality issues bearing on investors’ demand for environmental information;
  • Identification of the specific types of information items, report formats, and reporting venues sought by investors;
  • Determination of the influence of information items, formats, and venues on investors’ portfolio allocation decisions;
  • Requisite tailoring of the CDSB Reporting Framework so as to make it relevant and useful for users;
  • Integration with CDSB’s corporate engagement programme so as to achieve a transparent and effective communication process between investors and companies;
  • Establishment of user benefits associated with company-supplied natural capital-related disclosures;
  • Evidence of user demand for disclosures sufficient to justify adoption of the CDSB Reporting Framework by securities regulators and stock exchanges; and
  • Share learnings of investor interest in trade and/or scientific publications.

If you are interested in taking part in this programme, please contact us at