Japan TCFD Consortium

CDSB is a knowledge partner of the Japan TCFD Consortium, with the aim of enhancing climate- and sustainability-related financial disclosures and providing knowledge and technical assistance to each other.

The Japan TCFD Consortium was convened with the aim of furthering discussion on effective reporting of climate-related information by companies and facilitating appropriate investment decisions by financial institutions based on the risks and opportunities disclosed.

Through a series of dialogues between the financial and non-financial sectors, the Consortium aims to further discussion on effective and efficient corporate disclosure of climate-related information and their use by financial institutions.

As of August 6 2019, Consortium memebrs consist of more than 181 companies and organisations, 122 of which belongs to the non-financial sector.

Its founders are Kunio Ito, Hitotsubashi University (chair); Hiroaki Nakanishi, Keidanren.; Takehiko Kakiuchi, Mitsubishi Corporation; Makoto Takashima, Japanese Bankers Association; and Shuzo Sumi, Tokio Marine Holdings Inc.

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