On 31st January 2022, the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) was consolidated into the IFRS Foundation to support the work of the newly established International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). While this site and its resources remain relevant for preparers looking to improve sustainability disclosure until such time as the ISSB issues its IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards on such topics, no further work or guidance will be produced or published by CDSB. For further information please visit the IFRS website.

Mandatory reporting

Are we headed towards mandatory climate disclosure?

CDSB's Technical Director, Nadine Robinson, examines signals from Government and the finance community about the need for mandatory disclosure and potential pathways for inclusion in national legislation.

A Debate At The Oxford Union: Should FASB And IASB Set Standards For Nonfinancial Information?

On December 11, 2018, a debate will be held at the Oxford Union regarding the “Motion: This House believes that corporate sustainability reporting should be mandated, and standardised by FASB and IASB, for it to be most useful for investors.” It will be chaired by Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild. In proposition are Paul Druckman, Ian Mackintosh, Sir Callum McCarthy, and Anne Simpson. In opposition are Jonathan Bailey, Bob Herz, Harvey Pitt, and Tom Quaadman. The debate is free and open to the public as space permits.

Will Europe be first to adopt the TCFD recommendations?

On 31st January, the EU High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance (HLEG) released its recommendations for Financing a Sustainable European Economy. This is a summary of and initial reactions to its recommendations around TCFD implementation.

Australia is waking up to the financial risks of climate change

As Australia’s Senate, Prudential Regulator and Department of Environment and Energy have all looked at climate risk disclosure in the past months, Mardi McBrien shares her views on why climate risk is high on the country’s agenda and what can be done to take it to common market practice.

Law books

Upcoming changes in the UK Regulation Landscape

In April 2013, the UK Government will be introducing new additions to the Companies Act 2006 on reporting GHG emissions and information regarding environmental matters. For answers to questions and to find out how to make the most of the mandate, join our webinar on April 25.

Canary Wharf

UK proposed narrative reporting regulations response

CDP and CDSB support BIS’ objectives to provide clarity on narrative disclosure requirements and to streamline existing arrangements. However, we encourage BIS to define exactly meant by the words “business model” and “strategy”, as well as clarify whether the upcoming GHG reporting regulations qualify as compliance with the requirements outlined in this update.CDP and CDSB has reponded to the consultation on the draft update to narrative reporting requirements in the UK. Click here to download the full response.

Video: Getting answers to UK requirements on mandatory GHG reporting

Are you a UK Quoted Company? If so, a proposed UK regulation requiring disclosure of GHG emissions may affect the content of your annual report. Hear leading accountants and non-financial disclosure professionals discuss the draft law and get an introduction to the new requirements.