Climate risk and TCFD event series

CDSB is organising a series of capacity building workshops and webinars to support rapid, high-quality implementation of the TCFD recommendations.

Since the day the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney gave his powerful Tragedy of the Horizons speech, pressing the urgent need to consider the disclosure of climate-related risks, it has become clear at an international level that climate change needs to be tackled from a financial angle, to make sure companies deal with the risks and opportunities that the changing climate and the low-carbon economy are creating.

Now that the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) has published their recommendations, CDSB is organising a series of capacity building workshops and webinars which will equip companies with the capability to bring about rapid, high-quality implementation of the recommendations, and investors with the knowledge to influence uptake.

From now to early next year, you can expect to receive invites to a number of events which will explore some of the key themes of the TCFD, including determining and defining materiality, and assessing director's duties around climate risk.

Converging on climate risk: the SASB, CDSB and TCFD

Join this webinar to understand how the SASB and CDSB are integrating the Task Force recommendations into their work and how companies can disclose climate-related financial information by using the CDSB Framework and the SASB standards. We will explore the topics outlined in the joint paper that was released at Climate Week.


20 November, 4-5pm GMT (8-9am PST)

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Translating climate risk into business value: what does it take?

Join this half-day workshop in collaboration with Deloitte to understand how to translate climate risk into action and develop effective disclosure practices to meet the TCFD requirements. We will explain how a scenario anlysis can help to assess climate-related risks, discuss the benefits of climate-related actions from the business and investor perspectives, help companies understand how to disclose relevant information to investors and stakeholders.


1 December, 8-11.30am GMT 

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Directors' duties and liabilities around climate risk: the TCFD recommendations

This webinar will provide an overview of the regulatory landscape in relation to the TCFD recommendations and climate risk, in addition to a detailed analysis of the current situation in Australia and the UK. Join it to develop a better understanding of the duties directors are responsible for, as well as the liability risks they may be exposed to.


7 December, 8-9.00am GMT (7pm AEST)

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Upcoming events

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