TCFD Knowledge Hub hits 400 resources, now accepting case studies and upcoming events

As resources on the platform continue to grow, two new sections will be launched in September 2018

Two months after the launch of the TCFD Knowledge Hub, the first online platform dedicated to the resources, tools and insights on the TCFD recommendations, we are today announcing that 400 resources have been uploaded to the platform, providing additional guidance and insights into climate-related financial disclosures.

In the next few months we will also be launching two new sections on the website: case studies and upcoming events, to ensure organizations have access to all the information they need on one single platform. We are now accepting submissions from organizations that have already started reporting on TCFD, even if their reports are not out yet.  

The case studies are designed to allow organizations to share their experience with their peers, with a focus on the disclosure process and the way challenges have been overcome. Case studies can focus, for instance, on the internal processes organizations set up to collect, analyse and disclose climate-related information, stakeholder engagement or changes in the way governance related to climate disclosure.  

Organizations can submit more than one case study to focus on one specific issue at a time, and allow others to learn from their experience. To learn more about case studies and contribute, please get in touch with   

The two new sections will be launched in September 2018. Upcoming events can be submitted by using the contribute form on the TCFD Hub, available here

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