CDSB's response to the UK government's commitment to greenhouse gas reporting

CDSB has responded to the UK Government's on mandatory disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions.

We strongly support the UK Government’s announcement that the UK will introduce regulations for all quoted companies to report their GHG emissions. Quoted companies have already had over a decade of experience of reporting to CDP.  CDSB, a special project of CDP, has been supported by DEFRA and the accounting profession globally to produce a Climate Change Reporting Framework designed for compliance with statutory climate change reporting requirements, reflecting accepted market practice on GHG emissions reporting. We encourage the UK Government to adopt CDSB’s Climate Change Reporting Framework as the standard for compliance with UK climate change reporting requirements. 

CDSB’s Managing Director, Mardi McBrien said “CDSB congratulates the leadership shown by the Deputy Prime Minister’s announcement. CDSB has been  working to develop its Climate Change Reporting Framework for five years in anticipation of the introduction of mandatory climate change-related reporting. We look forward to sharing our expertise with the Government as they prepare the forth coming regulations.”