Policy Update (UK): mandatory reporting of corporate climate change information

Companies listed on the London Stock Exchange will be required to publish full details of their greenhouse gas emissions.

Plans announced by the UK’S Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will require large listed UK companies to publish the full details of their greenhouse gas emissions as part of their annual financial reports under the Company’s Act.  The Government will again consult on how best to proceed.  CDP is delighted with this step but urges the UK to now take a position of global leadership by introducing regulation that ensures companies are required to make a full assessment of environmental risk to their business.

CDP therefore makes the recommendation that companies disclose vital climate change information using a structure that could be adopted by other national jurisdictions to ensure comparable reporting.  As part of this CDP encourages the UK Government to adopt the climate change reporting framework developed by the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB), a special project of CDP.  With the support of the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the input and advice of the global accounting profession, CDSB has for the past five years been working to produce a framework designed for compliance with statutory climate change reporting requirements, reflecting accepted market practice on GHG emissions reporting.


Please see attached press releaseReuters, hear Nick Clegg speak on the subject by scrolling to 2.33mins on the Today programme (this may not work in all countries) or contact Kate Levick for further information.