• EU Footprint Matters

    CDSB was appointed by the European Commission's DG Environment to participate in the peer review of a pilot phase aiming to deliver a single market for green products and organisations.

  • CDSB responds to UNEP inquiry

    CDSB submitted response to UNEP’s inquiry on aligning the financial system with sustainable development.

  • Japan and Korea companies trial CDSB’s Framework

    Businesses in Japan and Korea are working on enhancing their investor relations with the help of CDSB’s Framework. CDSB has released two reports based on the Japanese and Korean experience and context of corporate non-financial reporting.

  • View of Edinburgh

    Rethinking Financial Accounting for Carbon

    With a plethora of standards hampering progress in carbon accounting, a 2 day workshop was held on January 14-15 to follow up on Dr Heather Lovell’s 2010 paper on the Multiple Frames of Carbon Accounting* and discuss how to move forward with carbon financial accounting. Can we rely on existing standards or is there a need to start from the ground up?

  • Steve Priddy, LSBF

    Accounting for a zero carbon economy

    With the emergence of a low carbon future , there is a greater overriding need for a standard way of accounting for GHG emissions.

  • New technology for climate change reporting now available to trial

    London, UK – November 6th 2012: The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB), a special project of CDP’s, today release an XBRL climate change reporting taxonomy. This is designed to transform the way companies report their climate change information by making the process easier and more streamlined. It will also facilitate the future integration of climate change data into mainstream financial reports by enabling easy extraction of material climate information.