The Reporting Exchange

WBCSD, CDSB and Ecodesk have developed a new online platform to help business understand and navigate the complex world of corporate sustainability reporting.

The reporting world is complex. Over the past 25 years, we have seen more than a ten-fold increase in the number of corporate reporting requirements on environmental, social and governmental issues. Lack of coordination makes it frustrating, overwhelming and time-consuming to keep up.

The Reporting Exchange is the single most up to date and comprehensive source of information on sustainability reporting requirements and resources currently available. Through this free online platform, you will find guidance on what, where and how to report

All the information you need, in one place

The platform is designed to help users navigate this complex world. The Reporting Exchange enables reporters, academics, investors, NGOs, regulators and standard setters to contribute information about reporting in their region, share experiences and learn from others. It is specifically designed for: 

  • Reporters and business, who want relevant resources to help them prepare sustainability information;
  • Investors, who want to understand the context for and influences affecting corporate sustainability reporting;
  • Academics, who want to discover more about trends and developments in the sustainability reporting space;
  • Regulators and standard setters, who want to compare approaches to sustainability reporting.

Key features

The Reporting Exchange helps close the gap between the big picture and practical action.

  • Track the trends and receive relevant updates by customizing your profile;
  • Search for over 1,750 mandatory and voluntary reporting requirements and resources across 60 countries, and different sectors or subjects;
  • Share experiences on challenges and opportunities to learn from others;
  • Connect and collaborate with other reporters.


To help you understand the context behind the reporting landscape and to be able to contribute to the Reporting Exchange platform, a specifically designed e-Learning course has been developed as part of the Reporting Exchange project. You will also learn more about the functionality of the platform and the framework used to categorise the reporting requirements and resources.

To find out more and complete this course at  

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Watch this video to find out more about the Reporting Exchange.