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7 Oct - Leading framework provider joins the Japan TCFD Consortium as a “knowledge partner”

24 Sep - Corporate Reporting Dialogue shows high level of alignment between major global reporting frameworks on TCFD recommendations

23 Sep - Major standards setters release TCFD Good Practice Handbook

4 Sep - TCFD Knowledge Hub launches climate disclosure e-learning courses to accelerate implementation of TCFD recommendations

1 July - Financial and non-financial reporting frameworks share common founding principles of transparency and accountability

13 June - Corporate Reporting Dialogue consultation reveals urgent market call for indicator alignment on climate

1 May - CDSB and SASB partner to create how-to guide for climate-related disclosures 

28 Feb - Standard setters and framework providers to support better reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals

11 Feb - Environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting landscape in Japan


23 Jul - TCFD Knowledge Hub hits 400 resources, now accepting case studies and upcoming events

26 Jun - Sustainability reporting in Australia: jumping into the mainstream

4 Jun - CDSB statement on the UK Environmental Audit Committee’s report

24 May - New report shows that sustainability reporting is moving in the right direction, but needs to move faster 

1 May - TCFD and CDSB launch Knowledge Hub to help organizations implement the TCFD recommendations

30 Apr - New report shows green growth and reporting are high on Vietnam’s agenda

9 Apr - CDSB aligns its reporting Framework with TCFD recommendations and launches 5-year strategy

26 Mar - Report released today reveals opportunities for harmonization in sustainability and corporate governance reporting

19 Mar - New research shows clear gap between companies' awareness of climate risks and actions for tackling them

27 Feb - New report helps business navigate global sustainability reporting trends

13 Feb - Is China stepping up? Celebrate Chinese New Year by diving into the country's sustainability reporting trends


11 Dec - Hannon Armstrong, LUX Resorts and E.SUN Bank commit to implement the TCFD recommendations 

1 Dec - Lois Guthrie steps down from Climate Disclosure Standards Board 

26 Sep - The Reporting Exchange launches today: the global resource for corporate sustainability reporting 

19 Sep - Global leading companies commit to disclose climate risks within three years 

17 Jul - New initiative showcases companies committing to disclose climate-related financial risks 

27 Jun - Rapid, high-quality implementation of TCFD recommendations needed to build a sustainable financial system 

27 Jun - EU Non-Financial Reporting guidelines in line with TCFD recommendations make strong case for climate disclosure 

15 Jun - Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s Chair joins CDSB’s Board 

15 Feb - CDSB's response to the Task Force recommendations



14 Dec - CDP and CDSB welcome Task Force recommendations as a major step forward for further mainstreaming climate disclosure
6 Dec – EU countries must adopt directive extending mandatory reporting of environmental and non-financial information 13 Oct – Climate Disclosure Standards Board wins Finance for the Future Awards 30 Aug – Finance for the Future Awards
28 Jun – Mapping the sustainability reporting landscape: Lost in the right direction?
21 Jan – Fossil fuel companies need to come clean on climate risks post Paris


10 Nov – The Reporting Exchange – revolutionizing the reporting landscape 30 Sep – Markets: act now on climate change disclosure, says Bank of England Governor Mark Carney
25 Jun – Fossil Fuel companies failing legal duty to report climate risk
08 Jun – Framework launched to mainstream environmental & natural capital reporting
29 Apr – Asia’s investor network pledges support for global statement on fiduciary duty and climate change disclosure
20 Apr – World’s largest responsible investment network signs on to fiduciary duty and climate change disclosure statement
24 Feb – CDSB connects corporate non-financial reporting approaches
23 Feb – First company tries next generation climate change reporting


09 Dec  – Climate change-related stock exchange reporting requirements launched at Lima Stock Exchange, COP20
30 Oct – CDSB invites comments on updating its corporate reporting framework to include environmental information
29 Sep – Non-financial reporting directive adopted while questions remain on implementation
22 Sep – Game-changing collective commitment to climate change disclosure as matter of fiduciary duty
29 Apr – Why are carbon asset stranded risks invisible in corporate reports? Please discuss.
15 Mar – CDSB welcomes European Parliament decision on corporate reporting
31 Mar – CDSB and CDP welcome new environmental reporting principles from ASX
17 Feb – CDSB expands corporate reporting framework to include additional natural capital risks and opportunities
24 Jan – CDSB Framework referenced in World Economic Forum annual meeting as instrument for addressing systemic climate risks in capital markets


11 Sep – WBCSD and Natural Capital Declaration join CDSB’s Technical Working Group
11 Sep – CDSB becomes official supporters of the Natural Capital Declaration
10 Sep – Mardi McBrien, CDSB's Managing Director awarded Environment Award
18 Jul – CDP, CDSB and IIRC announce collaboration to accelerate integrated reporting
17 Jul – Mandatory greenhouse gas reporting passed UK Parliament, CDSB Reporting Framework method of compliance
19 Jun – Proposed European legislation on non-financial reporting is an opportunity for the European economy
05 Jun – SASB, CDP and CDSB Announce Memorandum of Understanding
24 May – CDSB collaborating with Group of Friends of Paragraph 47
16 Apr – Europe urged to lead world on non-financial reporting
04 Apr – CDSB welcomes new members to its Technical Working Group